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To each…their own Muffin!

Muffins are sweet treats of Anglo-Saxon origin, much appreciated in Italy, too, which can be increasingly seen on display in cafés for breakfast and in supermarkets and as pre-packed products ready for use.

Everybody thinks it is an American invention, but in actual fact muffins first appeared in the kitchens of Welsh aristocracy in the 18th century. Legend has it that chefs cooking British aristocratic families, in order not to waste leftovers, added any bread left from the day before to crumbled stale biscuits and crushed potatoes. They used these ingredients for discs which were baked on a hotplate, and could thus offer servants savoury muffins filled with butter and served with hot beverages. They were actually so good that they soon became a favourite also among the wealthy, and soon muffins became a favourite teatime dessert. Later on they reached the United States, where they proved an immediate hit, and became the traditional muffins we know today.

Casa Giani offers a large variety of muffins, using recipes restyled from an Italian perspective, which makes sure that they stay soft for days.

Our product range is designed to meet the largest possible range of requirements and tastes, from traditional versions with chocolate, yogurt and blueberries, filled with jam, to gluten-free or vegan versions.

The Dreamcake with triple chocolate fillingfor example, is made of a soft cocoa dough, with chocolate cream filling and dark chocolate drops. It is a unique delight which melts in the mouth right after the first bite!

Also the Dreamcake with cereal and yogurt, made using a mix of cereal flours and oil seeds, is characterised by a soft dough with semi-candied blueberries which make it a sweet treat with a unique taste.

Perfect as bites to be served for breakfast, as an afternoon snack or as a sweet at the end of a meal, Casa Giani muffins will satisfy the tastes of all palates!