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Savoury snacks for any occasion

Over the past few years it has become an unmissable moment for those who wish to end the day on a pleasant and carefree note. What is it we are talking about? It’s happy hour, an evening appointment which more and more people are choosing not only at the weekend but also on workdays.

Alone or in company, happy hour is always one of the favourite moments for Italians. According to a survey by Fipe Commercio, more than 70% have one at least twice a month, mainly because it is a fun and engaging occasion, as well as being relatively inexpensive.

This is also confirmed by data from the first edition of “Report on Eating Out in Italy for 2019”, by Foodiestrip, an app dedicated specifically to eating out and sharing experiences. According to this recent research, happy hour is especially appreciated by women (55%), in Central Italy (63%), and by millennials, i.e. people younger than twenty (67%). A dominant role is played by the Italian gastronomic, and if possible “gourmet”, tradition.

Data confirm that, in order to keep your position on a highly competitive market, the essential requirement is focusing on product innovation.

For this reason Casa Giani, in the wake of the happy hour trend, has extended its line of savoury snacks, presenting a wide range of ready-baked solutions, intended in particular for retailers who do not have specific equipment, but nevertheless wish to expand their offer.

Puff pastry finger food, savoury stuffed cannoli and frittini are the products included among Casa Giani novelties, presented as a premiere at the latest edition of Sigep in Rimini, mainly intended for the Ho.re.ca. and Food Service sectors.

A place of pride among these new snacks is occupied by puff pastry finger food, from treccine in three different tastes to mignon pizzette, from pastry pies to savoury bite selections. This finger food is also perfect during a meal, as an accompaniment to salads or substitutes for bread. Among the new proposals it is worth mentioning doulies, pastry rolls in three versions (traditional with turmeric or with chia and quinoa seeds), ready to taste or be filled as a panino, then the savoury cannoli with a salmon, tuna and zucchini or artichoke filling.

Many novelties are available also in the world of frittini, a favourite among Italian street food, in numerous scrumptious variations and in mignon formats: from mozzarella bites, to stuffed olives all’ascolana, and croquettes, but also rice balls or pumpkin flowers fried in batter. A wide range of savoury snacks which bring to mind great classics of regional cuisine, and will satisfy all tastes!

If you are tired of the usual appetizers, make your starters really special with the new Casa Giani proposals, and turn your happy hour into a really pleasant moment with a special flavour! 

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