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Four facts you (maybe) do not know about pizza

Pizza: the best known word abroad, even more than spaghetti or espresso. In Italy, five million a day are made, and it is one a favourite dish for many of us.

Are you sure you know everything about pizza, though?

Here are four facts which you probably did not know about pizza:

  1. The first to make pizza and to discover the secret of leavening were the Egyptians; they called it pita and typically ate it with beer.
    2. The oldest pizza variety is not Margherita, but Marinara, which was prepared for fisherman returning to the harbour (hence its name), with few and basic ingredients: tomato, garlic, oregano and oil.
    3. The most avid pizza eaters are Americans, with more than 13 kg of pizza per year, compared to our 7.6 kg pro capita (*source Ristorazione Italiana Magazine).
    4. The first pizza sold on the internet dates back to 1994, when the chain Pizza Hut opened a website from which you could order pizza online, thus starting the first e-commerce experiment in the food sector.

Also Casa Giani is on the market with suggestions which are at the same time tasty and practical, ideal for all tastes and requirements: round pizzas, for cooking alla pala or in a pan, with a traditional or wholemeal dough and ancient grains, to be filled or ready to serve immediately.

We recommend the Pizza del Fornaio, a high and soft Margherita, filled to the brim with real tomato puree and mozzarella, which only needs cooking in pan for a few minutes.

All Casa Giani proposals are suitable for personalisation and gourmet interpretations, enhancing the seasonal flavours and local features. For example, pizza bases, are produced in a flat version called piadapizza, which just needs heating on a hotplate, to be filled with squacquerone cheese, dry-cured ham and rocket salad, or as a roll, with a filling of dried tomato pesto, scamorza cheese and grilled aubergines.