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Specialising in taste, for over 30 years

Casa Giani was established in 1983 as a family-run enterprise, always remaining true to the “know-how” which characterises Italian companies, in just a few years it became an industrial company specialised in croissant production.

Casa Giani combines respect for artisan craft with the search for innovative solutions: among other things: it is the first in Italy to have come up with the idea of pre-profeed croissant freezing; in 2014 – bearing witness to a tireless research and development process – it started producing pre-baked frozen croissants, a product with a high service content, offering the flavour and aroma or a freshly-baked croissant.

For over 30 years croissants have been the heart of our business; today, however, the Casa Giani range has been extended to include a wide range of bakery products, sweet or savoury: pizza, focaccia, bread, savoury snacks and delicious confectionery. Our products are suitable for all palates, for the various “Enjoyable Moments” during the day, for breakfast or as appetisers.

Attention to raw materials, starting from the choice of using its own sourdough, added fresh every day, to the selection of the best flours, including multi-cereal versions, with spelt or ancient grains, guarantees excellent taste and genuine products at the same time, able to meet market trends and consumer requirements, including vegan and gluten-free versions.

Casa Giani has an efficient and qualified distribution network, as well as skilled technicians for dedicated consulting; in this way, the company today is able to deliver a highly professional service for different types of customers and sales channels, from the Ho.Re.Ca. world, to artisan confectionery shops and bakeries, from cafés to large-scale retail and the food industry.

In 2018 Casa Giani entered the Unigrà Group, an agri-food enterprise found in over 100 countries worldwide, which – thanks to this acquisition – has been able to complete its offer with finished products of consolidated specialisation in quality ingredients for the confectionery and breadmaking industry.