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Burnt wheat: from humble flour to trendy food

When talking about gastronomy, it is increasingly common to regard as new some flavours and products which actually have very ancient origins.

This is the case of Grano Arso flour, a very valuable and trendy ingredient today, with a tradition that has its roots in Puglia, more specifically in the Daunia region. This is where rich landowners had stubbles burnt in order to easily get rid of any grains left on the ground, and allowed farmers to pick them. The latter used to ground them to produce a raw flour with a typical bitter aftertaste, which they then used – together with a small amount of white flour – to make bread, pasta, taralli savoury biscuits and other bakery products typical of Puglia.

For some years now, the fascination of this dark flour has returned, and it has attracted bakers, chefs and restaurant managers who use it increasingly often for their creations.
Even though its production method today has changed, the taste and colour are those of the olden days. Wheat is no longer burnt but simply toasted. This leads to a flour which, mixed with white flour, allows for making unique bakery products, especially because of its slightly smoked aftertaste.

Burnt wheat is a wholemeal flour, which is why it is greatly appreciated by those who love strong flavours and by those who follow a healthy diet.

Also Casa Giani, ever attentive to market trends in accordance with Italian tradition, presents Pugliese Arso, fragrant bread with a crunchy crust and soft crumb, which can be served as accompaniment to a meal or as croutons to flavour soups or salads; it can also be sliced and served as a gourmet panino.
In order to enhance the typical flavour of burnt wheat, it is ideally served with condiments with a delicate flavour, such as mozzarella or burratine and vegetables simply scalded in a pan with garlic and a little oil.

Regardless of how you use it, Pugliese Arso Casa Giani bread is a special product with a unique flavour, to win over even the most curious customers searching for new and stylish ingredients.