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Breakfast? Yes please, but savoury!

According to the latest data by Fipe (the Italian Retailers’ Federation) something is changing in our country with regard to morning rituals: breakfast has become a more substantial meal, and the number of people who choose farm-to-table, organic or vegan products is on the increase.

Also the number of people who prefer a savoury breakfast is on the rise and – not by chance – among the proposals by retailers, apart from the traditional combination of brioches and cappuccino, we increasingly find croissants with savoury fillings, pizza bites, savoury cakes and small buns with freshly squeezed fruit, as centrifuge or extract.

This is a clear sign showing that breakfast intercepts new trends and is appreciated by many: not just by customers, but also by shopkeepers who are able to cover several moments during the day. It is actually the ideal solution for customers who have breakfast late in the morning, but it also allows a retailer to offer again during the day what has not been eaten in the morning, thus optimising costs.

In order to reach a growing number of customers and to meet specific tastes and requirements, it is therefore essential to increase the products on offer and to restyle the proposals in the shop window.

Among Casa Giani proposals there are various savoury products which can be enhanced with a touch of imagination and an original approach: first of all the Focaccia del Fornaio al Pomodoro Casa Giani, with a rich filling of fresh copper tomato, a typical Italian product, which can be served as it is, or with extra salami or vegetables, or with a burrata (creamy mozzarella) or basil topping.

Also the Casa Giani 100% Wholemeal Cornetto, with great layering and just as tasty, is ideally served with a filling of seasoned cheese and grilled vegetables, or with salmon, rocket salad and a thin layer of mayonnaise. There is also a vegan version, filled with chickpea hummus, avocado and a couple of tomato slices.

Other ideas to start the day on the right footing are a slice of Torta Salata Trombetta, with a super filling of rice and trombetta courgettes from Albenga, or the wholemeal Focaccia in a pan served with grilled aubergines and spiced salami, but also with a cream of goat cheese, tuna and olive pesto, for a more gourmet version.

Of course there is also the panino, to be served in mini format, be it a Wholemeal Ciriola or Cereal Tartaruga with a dry-cured ham, fresh tomato and mozzarella filling, or Bastoncini alle Olive with a turkey breast, rocket salad and egg filling.

With the Casa Giani products you can create palatable savoury proposals for breakfast, to be prepared in advance or filled on the spot, perfect in combination with extracts and centrifuges to start your day with flavour!