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A wide range of products for all occasions

Bread is the staple element in Italian cuisine, and Casa Giani celebrates it with a range including small-sized basket bread or large loaves, as well as panini and special bread types, actual snacks flavoured with ingredients such as olives, Bologna, figs and raisins. Our proposals enhance the Italian bread-making tradition, from the most innovative variations, with turmeric, grains or wholemeal spelt; the pre-baked Casa Giani frozen dough allows professionals to easily serve a product which preserves the fragrance and softness of freshly-baked bread.

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  • When talking about gastronomy, it is increasingly common to regard as new some flavours and products which actually have very ancient origins.
    This is the case of Grano Arso flour, a very valuable and trendy ingredient today, with a tradition that has its roots in Puglia