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A nice day starts with a nice…cornetto!

Dunking a cornetto in your cappuccino can be considered, to all intents and purposes, a daily rite for the ideal start of the day. It is not by chance that, every morning, millions of people in Italy have breakfast in a café, combining a good coffee or cappuccino with their cornetto.

What are its true origins? Contrary to popular belief, it has its roots in Austria and not in France. The legendary history of this sweet, indeed, started in the second half of the seventeenth century, in connection with celebrations for the defeat of the Ottoman Empire following the siege of Vienna. After two long months of siege to the city, the Ottoman Turks had decided to dig tunnels which they would cross overnight to create a surprise effect; what they had actually failed to consider, though, was that bakers in Vienna worked during the night. The latter, having heard strange noises just outside town, immediately warned the Sovereign, who was thus able to counterattack and defeat the Ottoman Empire. As a reward, bakeries were allowed to produce a sweet to commemorate the event: that is apparently how the cornetto was born, with its typical half-moon shape which reproduced the emblem on the Turkish flag.

Officially accredited history, instead, traces its origin back to the Austrian kipferl, a sweet biscuit with a half-moon shape, whose ingredients were flour, eggs, butter, sugar, water and a brushing of egg yolk on top.

To date there is something for all tastes: from the brioche to the layered version, from those with butter to the mélange version, from traditional to vegan doughs.

Croissants are the heart of the Casa Giani offer, which still carries on the tradition of Italian-style cornetto with passion and artisan care, as shown by the hand-made curve of each individual item.

Our wide range includes croissants ready for leavening, but also ready-to-bake and ready baked, made with different doughs, fillings and weights: from the vegan to the multi-cereal dough, to more authentic and genuine flavours such as the 100 % wholemeal Cornetto.

This range is designed to meet all requirements, from cafes to bakeries, to hotels and supermarket chains.

It is especially worth mentioning the Lievito Madre where use is made of yeast from a starter added fresh every day, which guarantees perfect pastry, as well as an airy structure and long-lasting fragrance.

What about you: what is your croissant choice every morning?